--------========= UCT Box Major Release v4.23 =========-----------

  • New Version 4.23 has been released for UCT Box. Includes UCT Fusion v1.70 & UCT Box Firmware Upgrade v1.56
  • Please download it from official support area at uct.cc
  • Make sure to uninstall all previous versions before installing it.

New in UCT Setup v4.23:

New features:

  • [SPD] Large Page Nand Flash Supported
  • [SPD] Nand Write Flash Improved
  • [SPD] 4 IMEI Rebuild
  • [MTK] MT6252 Supported
  • [MTK] Boot v3.1108 Added
  • [MTK] ST Family NAND Program Improved in InternalRam
  • [MTK] 4 IMEI rebuild in Tracker mode
  • [MTK] NV Backup Speed Improved
  • [MTK] Netword Unlock
  • [MStar] MSW8533c Supported
  • [MStar] Thief Protect Unlock
  • [All Chips] Support New NOR Flash MX69GL640EAXGW
  • [All Chips] Support New NAND Flash TC58NVG0S3AFT_3

Bug fixes:

  • [SPD] Fixed WriteFlash Error
  • [UNI] Some Tiny Bug Fixed

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01/07/11 : UCT v4.23 Released - 4 IMEI, MTK 6252, Boot v3.1108, MStar 8533c, Fw v1.56


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