!!Infineon Chip error solution!!
<<Infineon Chip error solution>>

Pinout error, Stop in after pinfind
!!Infineon Chip error solution!!
Read Flash
!!Infineon Chip error solution!!

It is sensing the pinout fast,please hold on the phone Power key
RXD=3 TXD=2(after pinfind,hold the power key don’t loosen)
Connecting...Please hold on the POWER key until the red gauge is finishing...
Changing baudrate...
Set baudrate to 115200 ok
Reading phone HW info...
Read info is done.(Boot mobile,red Progress bar,Don’t loosen power key now)
BB: PMB7880 Flash: NOR_S71GL032R3_T
setting the Flash Parameters...
Settings have been completed!
Reading Flash...(Now Blue Progress Bar come,you can Loosen the power key now)

If mobile can power after pinfind mobile will shine and very soon off,is normal

If mobile can’t power on, we need do it like this
Stop after pinfind and error, maybe ack error or boot 1 error
!!Infineon Chip error solution!!

Now we don’t tick the pinfind
And re-connect the mobile
!!Infineon Chip error solution!!

Tip:- If always error, you can jerked the bettery connect (vcc connect the black and gnd connect the red)
You need Try a few times will ok