new version of Patch unlocker for SonyEricsson DB2020, DB2012 & PNX5230 phones. This method is ****d on ****, therefore the name. With our A1****Unlocker you can unlock DB2020, DB2012 & PNX5230 plattforms ****d phones simply, without internet connection and ofcourse you don't need any logs. All you need is the original sim card for which is the phone locked, or test sim card.


CruiserSuite A1 **** Unlocker v1.11 (18/07/2008):

  • More flash files versions supported (added more internal restore files)
  • Several internal changes
  • Download from this التحميل من هنا
CruiserSuite A1 **** Unlocker v1.10:
  • K320 is now supported
  • Added 'Flash only' feature
  • Added 'Skip full flashing' feature (it saves 10-15 minutes of the unlock)
  • Added 'Run **** manualy' feature (Modem drivers are not required then)
  • Added support the phones with special IMEI
  • GUI update
Very important info:
- A1 **** Unlocker can easily repair the phone previously broken by patch via SETool.

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