ابديت جديد



Whats new:

- Added Unlock boot for DB2012 phones (no need for server for downgrade etc...)
- Added new REST files for DB2020 phones
- Added new reset files for DB2012, DB2020 and PNX phones ALL CIDs supported

New files in installer:

Repair files

- Flash Via Unlocked Boot.act
- Unlock Db2012 Boot.act

Reset total call timer

- DB2020 Reset Total Call
- PNX Reset Flip
- PNX Reset Total Call

User lock

- DB2020 Reset User Lock-allCIDs.act
- PNX Reset User Lock-allCIDs.act

Please check user manual page 35 for more details (DB2020 inside -> Help -> User manual)

If you make any REST file which does not exist in installer please post it in this topic and we will include it in next installer: