PA_SL3/PA_SIMLOC30 SuperDongle Successful repaired
Dear users,

Please, be so nice and put in this thread all successfuly repaired SD phones - New/Old hashes..

Credits consumption:

- Box must be activated for ATF Network account.
- Each SD repair will cost you 5 ATF Network credits.

Where to buy ATF Network credits?

You can get it from 'ATF Store' tab, It located in ATF Main Software next to 'ProductSupport' tab.
And You can also get credits from Authorized Distributors or Resellers.

Here are logs from X-Shadow post:

Here the phone shows SUPER DONGLE Problem
x3 02 sd problem 1

When we try with "Stand-Alone" SD Repair, you will see this message
x3 02 sd problem 2

So go to "The ATF Network" and Authorize this Phone...
x3 02 sd problem 3

After it is "Authorized" you can stand alone SD Repair it!
x3 02 sd problem 4

Now SD is repaired... but....
x3 02 sd problem 5

We need to SX-4 this phone and upload PM 1 and 309 as well
x3 02 sd problem 6

So here SX-4 was a Success (Stand Alone as well)
x3 02 sd problem 7

SD Check Button shows everything is OK
x3 02 sd problem 8

Self Tests show everything is OK as well
x3 02 sd problem 9

PS: Keep this thread clean for successfuly repaired phones. All posts which are not releated to this topic will be deleted!