Commzero 3.601 New Update(2011.4.29)

New features:
1: [SPD] Read version of project in NOR mode
2: [SPD] SC8800S2/3/4 supported
3: [MTK] New UID decryption for ROM+Bootloader Firmware Image
4: [MTK] Bypass Protection of Secure BB chip on MT6226 series
5: [MTK] Added MT6253 UID decryption V2 to InternalRam bootloader
6: [MTK] Unlock improved
7: [MTK] IMEI Rebuild function improved
8: [MTK] MT6516 supported, ReadFlash only
9: [MStar] 8535x/8533 improved
10: [MStar] 8535x Nand supported, ReadFlash/Unlock only
11: [SiLabs] boot improved
12: [INF] WriteFlash improved
13: [All Chips] Support new NOR flash memory: SVME6432UTB
Bug fixes:
1: [MStar] Fixed a crash during USB device enumeration
2: Some tiny bug fixes

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Box Firmware Update to 1.53

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