TMS370 Tools V0.1

We are glad to present new application for direct code reading from radios based on TMS370 cpu.
Whole process takes only second to get original code.

Supported functions:
- Reset Counter (Wait30, totally blocked with "TEN" on screen supported also)
- Read Code (takes 1 second)
- Help (connection pinout to target board)

Supported models:
- Ford: 2006 RDS, 2006R RDS, 2007 RDS, 2007R RDS
- Seat: 2007 RDS
- VW: Sound1 RDS, Sound2 RDS

Supported cpu's:
- TMS370C758A (N760050BFKC103)
- TMS370C758A (N760050BFKC105)
- TMS370C758A (N760050BFKC107)
- TMS370C058 (N760050BFKC108)

Easy connection with 3 signals from Port1 (TXD, RXD & GND), detailed info is build in tool.
RCD PRO activation & Clip are required for proper working.

Download it:

More photos you can find out in RCD PRO - Support section.

Best Regards
Martech Team