How to use KK SL3 BruteForcer with MTBox :

1. Upload phone to SL3 server using "Read" button in BF tab
2. Cancel phone from calculation queue, double click on phone imei in BF tab
3. Start MT tool 3.21
4. Press "Download Zone" button. New internet browser window will be started. We recommend to use Mozilla Firefox as your default browser
5. In "SL3 Service" tab click on "Get BF data" and enter imei from canceled phone the press "Get Data" button. You will get command line for kkdongle SL3 brutforcer software
6. Start KKDongle, paste IMEi + HASH (40 digits) and click "Execute"
7. When software finish login again via MT tool by pressing "Download Zone" button
8. Go to SL3 service than click "Get Code"
9. Enter phone imei and calculated data (result from Kulankendi software) 15 bytes.
10. If all is ok you will get unlock code for this IMEI

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