Simlock Remote Server presents a HUGE update!
Samsung Remote Server:
- Add code reading Samsung QCM S5520, T356, T479b and T469v *World First*
- Add SAFE code reading S5620, No Flashing / Patching.. Just 100% safe Unlock!
- Add code reading Samsung BCM S3650, S3653, S5230, S5233, B3410W
- Add code reading Samsung BCM C3510T, A697, S7070
- Add code reading Samsung BCM S5330, S5333, M3710, I6230, I6220,
- For Beta: C3500 Code Reading over UART Cable.
- Removed I9000, T959, I897 from model list.
- Updated Phones Images on server

- Direct Unlock / Imei for Samsung S5670 *World First*
- Direct unlock + Imei Samsung GT-S5570 *World First*
- Direct unlock + Imei Samsung GT-S5830 *World First*
- Improved Android Unlock Speed (ex known i5500 takes 6 secs)
- Fixed SC01b and I8700 Unlock
- Fixed B3210m unlock and code reading
- Updated Support Area with 15GB new Files
- Improved Qualcomm Unlock
- Fixed some small bugs

IMEI Remote Server****
Added Code Calculations for:
- Alcatel V670, C700, C701, PLAYBOY,
- Alcatel C707, C717, ELLE NO3
- Alcatel MD01 (Mandarina Duck)
- Alcatel C820, C825
- Alcatel V770
- Added Bios unlock For Insyde H20 bios (used in Eee-PC)
- TMN softstone, TMN BlueBelt, TMN BlueBelt II, TMN SilverBelt
- ZTE Blade, ZTE Racer, ZTE X850, ZTE N61
- TMobile Zest (e110)

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