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Whats new in Gsmfinder V2.10

1.Distributer & resseller list updated
2.Security code read for DCT4+,DCT4++,SL1,SL2 & SL3
3.Added new 7 models Alcatel CODECALC C551, C522, C651, C652, C750 , MissSixty, S520

What we have till now ?

ZTE :29 models supported - codecalculator
Huawei modem:39 models supported - codecalculator
Alcatel:24 models - codecalculator ( 7NEW)
Nokia: All SL1 and DCT4+/DCT4++ unlock supported and read/write pm
IC compatibility: 13 types
Lcd compatibility : 655 types
cables compatibility: 1677 types
battery compatibility: 1154 types
ASIC compatibility: 112 types

Whats was in previous update V2.0.9 (18-2-11)

1.Write PM added for DCT4+/DCT4++/BB5
2.DCT4+/DCT4++ UFS interface communication added
3.Added new 7 models Alcatel ELLE N3 , C700 , C701 , C707 , C717 , PlayBoy , V670

Need your support :

We are looking for more test results from all the users

supported interface : UFS ,JAF AND PROLIFIC CABLE

NOTE : Please use official link for dowload it will help in further versions
In further versions you should need key file that will sending for
official web registered users

origin link:http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/6977483-post48.html
Download link:Dits GSM Finder

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