ORT-JTAG - ORT Plus V1.23 NEW CPU Added [ Qualcomm QSC 6075 ]

[12 Feb 2011]

De******ion :
ORT Plus V1.23

What's new in ORT Plus V1.23 ?

  • Qualcomm QSC 6075 Supported

Released Stuffs :

  • ORT Plus V1.23

ORT Plus Progress :

  • Qualcomm MSM 6150 Support Added [ORT Plus V1.16]
  • Qualcomm ESM 6235 Support Added [ORT Plus V1.16]
  • Samsung NOR Flash [0x260900EC] [ORT Plus V1.16]
  • ST 16 MB NOR Flash Added [ORT Plus V1.17]
  • P1000 Support for 1 GB Flash Size added [ORT Plus V1.18]
  • ONENAND[0x006000EC] [ORT Plus V1.18]
  • New Repair Function is Activated [ORT Plus V1.19]
  • Memory Management for Verify Fuction [ORT Plus V1.20]
  • Qualcomm QSC1110 Support Added [ORT Plus V1.21]
  • Marvell PXA320 Support Added [ORT Plus V1.22]
  • New Flash ID Added [0x78AD] [ORT Plus V1.22]
  • Qualcomm QSC 6075 Support Added [ORT Plus V1.23]
  • Windows 7 Drivers Released

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