BB-Box Update - Version v1.1.5 READY CHECK INSIDE Hi to all,
This is the latest Update for BB-Box customers :

BB-Box Update - Version v1.1.5

Alcatel S220x
Alcatel X215x

Alcatel X020x

Alcatel X030x
Alcatel X060x
Alcatel X070x
Alcatel X080x
Alcatel X100x
Alcatel X200x
Alcatel X210x
Alcatel X215x
Alcatel X225x
Alcatel X228x

- Added Calculation Codes function (2 codes or 6 codes, depends of model selected)
- This service is totally free, not need credits (only internet connection)

ZTE Link
ZTE X670

- Added standalone calculator to all this models
- Means now you not need
INTERNET CONNECTION for calculate codes

ZTE MF110 (Modem USB)

- Added support to this modem (safe direct unlock)


- Added this model to supported list
- For sure, all Blackberry process is STAND ALONE (means NOT NEED INTERNET!!!)


Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

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