[02 Feb 2011]

De******ion :
Unicair C201A Repair Dead Boot
Haier C2076 Repair Dead Boot

Released Stuffs :

  • Unicair C201A JTAG Pinout
  • Unicair C201A Dump
  • Unicair C201A Instructions
  • Haier C2076 JTAG Pinout
  • Haier C2076 Dump
  • Haier C2076 Instructions

Windows 7 Drivers Windows 7 Supported
Previous Update : Samsung S5230 Repair Dead Boot

Need a Hand ?
Contact me if you have ORT-JTAG and following dead phones in Hand
  • Huawei U8120
  • Orange Boston
  • LG LU1600

Happy Chinese New Year

ORT is a Real JTAGger's choice