Fenix Key v1.0.1 released

Unlock all BB5 SL1/SL2 phones using UFS. And much more...

What's new ?

- Unlocking all BB5 SL1/SL2 phones via UFS - added. Fenix generates NCK codes and send them to phone automatically or you can send them on your own. For devices that have bloked NCK input counter you can use Unlock via RPL option. No Internet connection is required. The solution is unlimited and free for all Fenix Key users and does not require any logs.
- Repairing SIMLOCK area in all BB5 SL1/SL2 phones via UFS - added.
- Repairing SD keys in BB5 SL3 phones via UFS - added.
- Repairing SD keys in all BB5 SL1/SL2 phones via UFS - added.
- Reading phone info, reading and writing PM, setting product code, executing self tests, repairing camera config (DCC), defaults settings, resetting and reading user code, reading MMC passwords via UFS - added.

What's changed ?

We also put some effort to make Fenix Key easier to use and fixed some bugs.

- SX4 server is working much better and faster now. You will also receive error de******ion if SX4 cannot be performed due to custom SD keys written in the phone.
- Flashing 6303 via USB - bug fixed.
- Flashing speed improved.
- Additional flash files that do not exist on variant ******** are not selected by default.
- Flash files paths are now right aligned so that users could verify flash file versions "by one look".
- Progress bar in reading and writing PM is working properly now.
- Selecting highest version flash files after reading phone info is working better now.
- SW versions that contains only USB unlocking variants are not displayed in "Flashing" tab (variant selection form).

You do not need any logs. No Internet connection is required neither.


You will need UFS 2.8 firmware to unlock BB5 phones. If you have original UFS with HWK update your box using HWK Suite. Otherwise download and use free updater: http://rapidshare.com/files/44433592...rmware_2.8.rar

Official Fenix Key website: Fenix Key

Official Fenix Key resellers: Resellers

Download software link's:
* http://rapidshare.com/files/444673713/FenixKey.zip
* http://d2273851.xthost44.xthostserver.com/FenixKey.zip