ATF 6.50 Update!! 17 Jan 11!!

Common Changes:

  • Official Support for ATF Lightning Boxes
  • Removed Update FTDI EEPROM Button (6.50 Software will automatically Fix/Update your FTDI EEPROM if Needed);
  • Automatic Activation for "Extension Port" and Infineon
  • FBUS Fixed BOX_SN: 00000000 Problems when displaying the Secondary Serial Number
  • Added New Products to Nokia.ini
Infineon Changes:
  • Infineon XGOLD213 USB Flashing Supported (C1-01, C1-01.1 ,C1-02, C1-02.1, C2-00, C2-00.1, etc...)
  • Infineon XGOLD213 Lifetimer Reset Automatic Detection Supported
  • Infineon 1202/1203 (RH-111) TEST MODE Bug Fixed on ATF Lightning
BB5 Changes:

  • FBUS Loaders Updated to Release
  • RAP3Gv30 New Protocol Loader Supported for NOR Based BB5 Phones
  • RAP3G RPL Erasing/Writing Fixed using New Loaders
  • 5130c Read Info Crash after Flashing Fixed
  • 3110c and 5130c New Intel Flash Chip Fully Supported using New Loaders
  • SL1/SL2 Simlock Rebuild OFFLINE Method Fixed
  • 2nd Time Buscheck Bug Fixed for ATF Box NEW PCB
  • Symbian^3 Lifetimer Reset Fixed (C7-00, N8-00, E7-00, etc...)
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