SRS: Latest Update for 2010
SRS Update 31-12-2010

This will be the last update for 2010 smile

SRS Samsung Module: (Pack1)
- Direct unlock + Imei Samsung GT-S5570 *World First*
- Direct unlock + Imei Samsung GT-S5830 *World First*
- Improved Android Unlock Speed (ex known i5500 takes 6 secs)
- Fixed SC01b and I8700 Unlock
- Fixed B3210m unlock and code reading
- Updated Support Area with 15GB new Files
- Improved Qualcomm Unlock

SRS IMEI and BIOS Module
Added Code Calculations for:
- TMN softstone
- TMN BlueBelt
- TMN BlueBelt II
- TMN SilverBelt
- ZTE Blade
- ZTE Racer
- ZTE X850
- ZTE N61
- TMobile Zest (e110)

In the new year we're here for you with new updates

Make sure to download latest client at one of the SRS Main Sites
- Unlock Samsung Online - Remote Unlock Server EN - Samsung Simlock Removal

you can discuss the update in SRS Section Latest updates

We wish everyone an happy an ofcourse SimlockFree 2011

Team SRS