23.12.2010 LG2G Rocker v1.47 released

Whats new:

Special Santha Claus Xmas edition for our customers!!!!
  • Added 58 new models to supported list. wink
  • Dramatically increased search phones feature speed.
  • Rebuild GUI for much more fast response.
  • Changed erase feature behaviour for Infineon based models.
  • Fixed Go Support button behaviour.

AD tab :

  • Added handling of .MOT,M0,S3 file formats for flashing phone which use it(like KP130,KP170).

Infineon tab :

  • Files add and flash feature reenabled back( was disabled by mistake in last release).
  • Next models added to full supported list (Flash read/write,Read unlock codes) :30,A133,A133Go,T310,T310i,T310n,C300,C300go,C305, GB280,MG161a,MG160a,MG160b,MG370A,MG370b

Samsung tab:

  • Added E2530 for read flash and calculate unlock codes

MTK tab :

  • Added handling more types of CPU.
  • Added extended info during boot.
  • Added NAND flash read.
  • Added read firmware info.
  • If phone havn`t NOR flash - software select NAND for operation automtically.
  • Added phones : GX200,G1800,KG190,KG195,KG198.

Nw platform TI tab :
  • Aded full support(Flash read/write,show lock codes,direct unlock,imei repair) for next models:

    C1300,C1300i,C1500,C2000,CG225,F7200,F7250,F9100,F 9200,G4010,G4011,G4015,G4050,G5500,G7000,G7000a,G7 050,G7200,G7250,G920,L1100,L1150,L1400,L1400i,L510 0,MG130,MG150,MG155,MG180,MG180c,MG185c,MG200,MG21 0d,MG220d,T5100,W7000,W7020.
  • Added handling of all types of firmware files used by this models(bin,bif,mot,m0).

Please download and install "LG2GRocker_v1.47_SLOT14.exe" if You're a Rocker Dongle user, or "LG2GRocker_v1.47_SLOT15.exe" if You're a Power Dongle user.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Enjoy Using Rocker Dongle.