SRS Update 15-12-2010 to Version 10.0.29

We Promised you Something hot... So here we go...


SRS Samsung Module: (Pack1)
- Direct unlock + Imei Samsung GT-I5510
- Read Codes Samsung A747 A767, A777, C3200
- Read E2P E2121L
- Rewrote Direct Unlock Engine Qualcomm
- Direct Unlock + Imei Repair All new QCM Series
- Add UserCode Reset Samsung S3550 and C3200
- Fixed bug in I5700 Unlock
- Added 10GB of new data to support
- Fixed Several small bugs

Ohyeah.. Samsung T669 and GT-S6700 Direct Unlock and Repair Phone Freeze * World First *
so all people with Phone Freezed phones can finaly start using them again.

SRS LG2G Module: (Pack2)
- Code Read: LG GB220, GB220GO, GB230

SRS IMEI and BIOS Module
Support for Dell Mini Laptop (Latitude 11Z) (*World First*)

Did you know you can also use SRS with your old service boxes like ust, nspro, z3x etc..
Simply connect the box to the computer, and use the BOX FTDI port as comport in SRS

From now on no more patching, or bruteforcing Qualcomm Series.. Just Pure Direct Unlock

Make sure you download the latest version at one of the SRS official Sites

- Unlock Samsung Online - Remote Unlock Server EN - Samsung Simlock Removal

All Older versions Stop Working from now on !

You can discuss this update in SRS section at GSM-Hosting:
Discuss here: SRS Exclusive Mega Pre-Xmas Update

Soon more HOT updates from SRS during this cold winter months

Best Regards,

Team SRS