T-BOX V6.20 Released 12/10/2010

1.Update the MTK platform

V5.2 e modified the way of artificial formatting size setsetting
V5.2 d modified the function of XIJIN
V5.2 c solve the BUG which immediately to write but platform that show the declassified
V5.2 b solve the qusetion of individual mobile phone screen can read the screen data
V5.1 e upgrade the boot 5 to more speed, modify the suction gold backup files
V5.1 c increase SP. Suction gold
V5.1 a perfect "clever quick writing method", use the "double algorithm" to ensure safety and reliable

2.Update the SPD platform

V5.01A Update the SC6600L/RT/WT6226 boot to surport more phone
V5.00B Add the function of clearing the password in the NOR flash
V5.00A Add the new falsh and update the 8800D reading/writting

3.Optimize the serial scan

Support Area http://www.mtkspd.com/en/Support.asp

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