[14 DEC 2010]

De******ion :

  • Huawei E150 Repair Dead Boot
  • SKY IM-U310K (Pantech) Repair Dead Boot( Thanks to benguetcowboy)
  • ZTE C332 (CDMA) Repair Dead Boot
  • New Year Offer De******ions

What's New in ORT Plus V1.08 ?
  • Hex Window is been fixed
  • 16 Bytes per line for any Windows Language version

Released Stuffs :

  • Huawei E150 JTAG Pinout
  • Huawei E150 Dump
  • Huawei C2829 Instructions
  • ZTE C332 JTAG Pinout
  • ZTE C332 Dump
  • ZTE C332 Instructions
  • SKY IM-U310K JTAG Pinout
  • SKY IM-U310K Dump
  • SKY IM-U310K Boot
  • SKY IM-U310K Instructions
  • ORT Plus v1.08

dec 14

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