AVATOR BOX (China Phones Service Tool)
update - 04 December 2010

What is new:

- Added support for MTK (new ExtractFile function for Nand Flash,
new Decryte method for MT62xx)

- Added support for INFINEON (Nor_S71AL016D)

- Added support for SPD (read HW/SW info, read security code,
factory set, format, fast read, download in auto mode)

- Added support for SPD (Flash device NOR: TC58FYM8T7D, TC58FYM8B7D,
TC58FVM7TDD, TC58FVM7BDD, V00570002CDGB, K5L2833ATA, M58WR064KT, M36C0W6050T0 )

- Added support for SPD (Flash device NAND: HY27US16561M, HY27UF162G5A,
HY27UT088G2A, TC58NVG4D1DTG, K5E1257ACM, K5E1G12ACF, MT29F2G16ABD,
ST512R3A, ST512R4A, MT29F1G08ABB, MT29F1G16ABB )

- Added two kinds of serial transfer mode
(Double click status bar to change if you have failed in rx buffer)