20.10.2010 RIFF JTAG Manager 1.19 released

Whats new:

  • Added feature to temprorarily switch off Device ID check for DCC Read/Write page's operations thus it makes possible to test yet not supported board to be compatible with one of existent DLLs.

    For this: when "Resurrector Settings" is active, the DCC Loader Settings button is transformed into 'Special Settings' button. Click it to setup the ID checking on or off. This setting is discarded to "ID Check ON" on each startup of JTAG Manager.

  • Fixed bug which caused 'Data Length' label not to be changed to 'End Address' upon the JTAG Manager startup when the "Use End Address not Length" box was checked;
  • Added hint messages for inexperienced users: short hints about how to solve a problem will popup if some JTAG communication error is encountered for Advanced users there is option to switch off such hints.

  • Added feature to Forcefully display the Resurrection Manual window prior the Resurrection operation for inexperienced users for Advanced users there is option to switch off this feature.
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