Smart-card-Emeralda 1.5: new card types supported, security improved, card programmer added

It's a bit early to publish may be since the project is incomplete for now, but I can see a big buzz around migrating to new cards these days. So, I'm just announcing, that Emeralda 1.5 is almost complete.

Emeralda de******ion is available
here and here.

A brief summary of new features in 1.5:

Multiple card types supported:

• SCP01 and SCP02 card protocols supported and that covers most of currently available card types.
• Updated Emeralda client-server protocol allows to support different card types and different applets for each card type

Security improved:
• Per-card unique access keys supported
• Master key protection added to server and to card programmer
• Same-keys secure session bug patched

New smartcard communication libraries:
• Transparent T=0 (e-gate and similar cards) and T=1 (some new cards) communication protocols support
• Refactored design allows easy library extensibility

Refactored client-server protocol support
• New action-based client interface and new status messages to allow/deny client actions
• New action-based internal server architecture
• Card registration infrastructure

Multithreaded card programmer
• Based on Emeralda components and smartcard communication library
• Allows to program several cards at once (using USB hub for example)

• Database schema simplified (changed completely) to provide an ease of DB *****istration using standard tools like PHPMy*****
• Developer mode for server and programmer introduced to distinguish between production and development cards