[18 SEP 2010]

De******ion :
Huawei E156 / E156G / E156B Repair Dead Boot

Tools :ORT Tool [Latest Version Recommended]
File :E156.ort
VREF : 2.6V

Special Thx: Littman for tests with E156B

Operation Manual :

  1. Make Proper Connections"E156_JTAG_Pinouts"
  2. Connect Modem to USB Port
  3. Click SCAN
  4. Select Repair File "E156.ort"
  5. Click Repair
  6. Done.

Tip : Click SCAN right after inserting modem to usb port

Released Stuffs :

  • Huawei E156 JTAG Pinouts
  • Huawei E156 Smart Repair File
  • Huawei E156B Smart Repair File
  • Huawei E156 Instructions

Previous Update : Samsung Z140 Repair Dead Boot

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ZTE MF627 Update : ZTE MF627 Repair Dead Boot
ZTE MF637 Update : ZTE MF637 Repair Dead Boot
Huawei E156 : Huawei E156G Repair Dead Boot
Huawei E156B : Huawei E156B Repair Dead Boot
Huawei E220 : Huawei E220 Repair Dead Boot
Huawei E272 : Huawei E272 Repair Dead Boot
Huawei E1550: Huawei E1550 Repair Dead Boot

ORT is a Real JTAGger's choice