Kulankendi Box/Dongle/Server Ver 2.87

- Fixed bug for Samsung Agere phones
- Added new Samsung Agere phones :

  • B3210
  • B3210M
  • B3310
  • B3210C
  • S5150
  • S5150C

- Added LG2G Infineon code reading by COM or USB cable:

  • KP500
  • KP501
  • KP502
  • TE360
  • TE365

* Samsung Agere ENG Unlocking Instructions *

>> Read Unlock codes by USB Cable <<

1. Install Samsung USB Drivers from support> Samsung_USBDrivers.exe
2. Connect powered on phone to USB data cable.
3. Install drivers.
4. Select "Read Unlock Codes" and click EXECUTE and wait for unlock codes
5. If there will be problem to detect/read phone then KEEP PRESSING ANY KEY
6. Follow instructions how to unlock/remove freeze phone.
NOTE!!! If phone is not detect on USB cable then go to menu and find USB connection option and change to PC Mode

* LG Infineon ENG Unlocking Instructions *

>> For models by RS232 cable <<

1. Go to SETTINGS, click DETECT and select RS232 interface and ACCEPT
2. Power OFF phone without simcard
3. Click UNLOCK or READ CODES (depend of model)
For models optionally by USB cable:
1. Download and install USBDrivers from support: "Infineon_USBDrivers.zip"
2. Phone should be powered off with battery
3. Install drivers in system if required