What's new for ChinaRes Editor 1.12 ?

  • Improved Langs detection method bugs
  • Fix some bugs for MT6253
  • Non-show part of langs after using other tool edited (eg,MT6225) bugs fixed

Download new version and others

How to Install ChinaRes_Editor_1.12 ?
A,)Required install Mcnpro Box Suite version 2.0.3 first
B,)Download ChinaRes_Editor_1.12.rar
C,)Extract to C:\Program Files\Mcnbox Team\Mcnpro Box\resource folder
D,)Run Mcnbox.exe
E,)Go to File tools --> ChinaRes Editor

Attachment picture (test) for preview:

ChinaRes editor112

ChinaRes editor112 6223c

ChinaRes editor112 6253

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