What's New
شالFurious 2.1
* Major changes in GUI
* Now users can view Treeview items by Manufacturer, Module Name, Pack and Module Exe File Name. Number of supported models by each category will be displayed

* Updated database for latest releases of Pack 3, 8

Alcatel OT 222
Alcatel OT 300
Alcatel Miss Sixty 2
Alcatel OT 090
Alcatel OT 109
Alcatel OT 209
Alcatel OT 301
Ufone G2158
Alcatel OT 104
Alcatel OT 223
Alcatel OT 565
Alcatel OT 204
Alcatel OT 508
Alcatel OT C717
Alcatel OT V670
Alcatel OT V770

* Added Huawei, ZTE unlock code calculator for FG users. This is handy when you have problem with updating pack.

* Updated check for updates routine

PS Make sure you are using the latest version which is always available on my support
server... Index of /thinktank/FG