Mcnpro Box Suite version 2.0.3 included:
  • Mcnpro Box Official version 2.8.8
  • Mcnpro Box ChinaRes Editor version 1.0.9

What's new for version 2.8.8 ?
  • Added Read/Write Firmware only For MTK
  • Added Write Eeprom(Nor) only For MTK
  • Added Read/Write LCD data (For Calibration)
  • Added Power Switch button
  • Change logs save/clear and font backcolor change fucntion etc
  • Improve Bootloader to support More New flash IC's
  • Fixed unlock bugs for MTK
  • Bootloader detection operation improved
  • Disable manual flash option for MTK
  • Some other Reported Bugs also fixed

What's new for ChinaRes Editor 1.09 ?
  • Improve Language detection method for MTK
  • Improve language menu rename / delete function
  • Add language customization function
  • Fonts fucntion improved, Many functions add
  • Many others...

Upgrading from Previous Versions:
  • As usual, new version is available for all customers with valid, To download that fromsupport section !