Now ipad has been pretty popular among people.
well, recently, i find the most asked questions about ipad at are
"i got an ipad, but how can i put DVD to my ipad?" or "how can i put movies or videos onto my ipad?"

This article shares you two softwares which can easily solve the above mentioned quetions :
1. Aiseesoft DVD to ipad Converter
2. Aiseesoft ipad Video Converter

How to convert DVD to iPad
Firstly you need download the software: Aiseesoft DVD to ipad Converter


step 1: Load DVD.
Click "Load DVD" to add your DVD contents. Place the DVD into your DVD drive and click the “Load DVD” button to load DVD.

step 2: Set output video format
Click "Profile" button from the drop-down list to select the exact output video format that is the most suitable for your iPad. You can click the "Settings" button to set parameters of your output video such as such as Resolution, Video Bitrate, Frame Rate, Audio Channels, Sample Rate, etc. to get the best video quality as you want.

step 3:Select the output path by clicking "Browse" button from the line of destination.

step 4:Click the "Start" button to start the conversion.

Tips: The two pieces of software have some basically editing functions such as trim, crop, effect, etc.

Three ways to do trim:
a. Drag the "start scissors bar" button to where you want to start and "end scissors bar" button where you want to end.
b. You can click the "Trim From" button when you want to start the trim during your preview and click "Trim To" button when you want to end.(1)
c. Set the exact "start time" and "end time" at right part of the trim window and click "ok".


Three ways to do crop:
a. Select one crop mode from the "Crop Mode" drop-list.
b. Dragging crop frame to choose your own crop.
c. Set your own crop value.


Drag the adjustment bar to find your favorite effect of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Volume.


4.Merge into one file.
Pick the "Merge into one file" to merge the files you choose into one output file. (2)

There is another piece of software named iPad Converter Suite. It includes DVD to ipad Converter, ipad Video Converter and iPad Transfer.

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