As a result of cooperation with DC-Unlocker team, we're proud to present this news:

  • DC-Unlocker free credits available for ALL Rocker Dongle users,
  • DC-Unlocker activations (Lite and Full) available at special prices,
  • Super easy free credits activation !

Follow these steps to obtain free credits:

  • Download latest DC-Unlocker setup, and execute it.
  • Connect the Rocker Dongle to PC, and start the DC-Client software.
  • Enter Your e-mail address to pop up box and press ok
  • Your free 15 credits will be assigned to Your dongle SN

تمت التجربة بنجاح

FREEEEEEEE DC-Unlocker credits and more for rocker box

Rocker dongle ID : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
User : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Password : OK !
Credits left : 15

15 كريديت مجانية لاصحاب بوكسات الروكر