Octopus Box v1.3.4 is out! We have added support for LG SH650 and LG KH6400 and expanded supported features for LG GD510, GD510N, GD510GO!

Octopus Box v1.3.4 Release Notes:

LG SH650 – added world’s first Unlock (for SW650809 and SW650810 firmware versions), Write Firmware, Read/Write/Repair MVM
LG KH1800 - added world's first Write Firmware
LG KH6400 – added world’s first Unlock (for KW640806 firmware version), Write Firmware, Read/Write/Repair NVM
LG GD510, GD510N, GD510GO – added Repair IMEI

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRolhPXoBSw"]LG SH650 Unlock and Write firmware[/ame]

Grip it while it’s hot!
Octopus Team