System diagnostics passed.
Version 13.21 ready!

[ --- Attach to Phone --- ]
Connecting via Interceptor USB Cable...
Powering on the phone...
Time spent entering bootstrap: 0s
Initializing phone hardware...
Baudrate = 115200Bd
Phone hardware initialized OK

[ --- Read Codes --- ]
Uploading reader applet...
Calculating codes...
Code NCK: qرn°A†(jگ^÷
Code NSCK: ھCہ×›°2-ـSxlv-3
Code CCK: سè¢Kغù}¹ذéجرِ¨
Code SPCK: [email protected]ûذOب|ھrM:گ¬
Code WAPCK: ں¶ے¨عہں¶ے¨عہ
Codes calculated.
Phone automatically detached.

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