UnlockByLogs Easy NK Tool v1.0.0.2 Beta5


Change Log:

- Re-designed GUI
- Re-written Nokia FBUS Comm Protocol to support all Nokia DCT4 PLUS
- Improved: Quick Reset Security Code for all Nokia DCT4 PLUS
- Improved: Auto-search comm
- Re-arrange Text Fields and Buttons
- Changed Phone Detection Delay to Lower Value
- Fixed Some Bugs


- Scan 'comm' Interface button
- Single click: Quick LCD Contrast Reset for Nokia 'NAI' Phones e.g. 1112, 1200, 1202 (no need to erase eeprom)
- Read and Write Product Code
- Read and Write Security Code with SET Levels e.g. NONE, PHONE and MEMORY

- Internet Connection
- UnlockByLogs Easy NK Tool v1.0.0.2 Beta2 Application
- Account in the UnlockByLogs Server with atleast 1 Credit.
- USB-Prolific Cables ( EasyFlash 1,2,3 )

- No need to manually configure Serial comm. It uses the In-built AutoSearch function for detecting available Serial Comm
- No need for any Third-Party Interface/Boxes.

More info in the thread below.
UnlockByLogs Easy Nokia Tool v1.0.0.2 Beta 5

More updates coming soon.
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