QUL Tools v0.1.0.17

New functions added:

LG BL20 full support:
- Read UnLock Codes like NCK, NSLCK, SPLCK, CLCK, ESLCK
(Innovative solution on market - codes are REAL ONES, you can unlock from keyboard later)
- Direct UnLock
(fast unlocking, no patching, just one click solution)
- Repair "Wrong OTP"
(used for repairing phones broken by other tools)
- Repair Imei
(in case of bad imei after unlocking with other tools)
- Repair Bluetooth Address

Previous models:
- New firmware version added
- Repair Bluetooth Address and Repair Wrong OTP for new KU250 added
- Small fixes for previous models

More updates is coming soon next days, check QUL news smile

qul bl20 1

qul bl20 2

qul bl20 3

qul bl20 4

Download it: http://martech.pl/download/QUL/qul.zip
or run your qul.exe to get self autoupdate.