Latest Genie-Universal Software:

Genie Suite v1.14 (updated on 22/04/2010)

Remote Tools V - (updated on 17/03/2010)

Latest SD-Card-Content on Server:

Updated on: 22/04/2010 (new DCT4ALL.SMX Unlock ****** - All DCT4plus RSA Unlock supported)

Latest Genie-Universal Device Firmware:

v. (updated on 22/04/2010)
(Firmware Update File is included in latest SD-Card Content - Please Update with Remote-Tools v1.0.0.33)

What´s new:
Free DCT4++ RSA Unlocker (dct4all.smx - All DCT4 Unlocker v0.1)
-Supports RSA Unlock and repairs damaged Simlock-Data on ANY DCT4+ ASIC11 phone in 2 seconds

Old dct4plus.smx ****** for dct4 patch-unlock is OBSOLETE NOW!