Hi to all,
This is the lastest Update for BB-BOX customers :

BB-Box Update - Version 1.0.3

Blackberry Phones : ( All Series 5xxx 6xxx 7xxx 8xxx and 9xxx )

- Added Standalone (now BB-Box NOT NEED INTERNET for calculate CODES)
- Added +4 algorithms calculations (now you can read 5 MEP codes)
- Added support for american networks (Tellus and Bell, using MEP4)

_____ Log of Unlock (Real Blackberry) __________________________________

Selected : BlackBerry 5xxx Series
Reading Data...Please Wait...

BPIN : 202B0340
IMEI : 354222-00-398067-1

Device connected OK...
Contacting With Server...Wait...
Credits Consumed : 0

NCK Code.........: 5419728509449404 ..(MEP2)
Subset Code.....: 5689095009209551 ..(MEP3)
Provider Code...: 4767700117329658 ..(MEP4)
Corporate Code.: 2398756489827813 ..(MEP5)
SIM Code..........: 8736772094420677 ..(MEP1)

Log Saved...
Unlock Code Readed OK...

_____ Log of Unlock (Real Blackberry) __________________________________

ZTE Phones :

* ZTE SFR 231 SFR 232 SFR 341 SFR 342
* ZTE X760 X761 X960 GX760 GX761
* ZTE T-Mobile Vairy Touch
* Orange Vegas (ZTE)
* Vodafone Indie (ZTE)

- Added standalone calculator to all this models
- Means now you not need INTERNET CONNECTION for calculate codes

Other features :

- Added extra security (Box Certificate)
- You need create it for activate unlock features (simply press in suite "Box Cert." button)
- Fixed driver problems (now added correct drivers in folder, for first installation of box)
- Fixed little bug in HTC processes (connection with server)

We still looking for distributors and resellers from different countrys.
If you are interested, not doubt in contact with us.

Thanks in advance for all your attention,
With best regards,

[ BB-Box Team ]
[ Http://www.bb-box.net/ ]


UPDATE Version 1.0.3

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