Z3X BOX LG Update. New models added
Sgold3 Tool v2.2.3 Update. World First smile


Added and changed:

Main change – new core 2.0
Totally changed working with USB Boot.
Totally changed working with FTDI drivers old and nevest.

KS660 Full support for each CPU (reading , writing , read codes , direct unlock)
GD310 Full support (reading, writing, direct unlock, code reading)
KM570 Full Support (reading, writing, direct unlock, code reading ) for test - first in the world
GD510 support (direct unlock, imei repair )

Added new USB loader for GB250 flashing.

Added GB250 EEPROM Repair
Added KF510 EEPROM Repair

Fixed KS360 Booting
Fixed GB250 Flashing
Fixed KF510 Flashing Bugs

KS660, GD310, KM570 Firmwares added to support