LG Service Tools from Martech

Martech QUL Service Tools

QUL - new service tool from Martech Team, designed for servicing LG phones based on Qualcomm cpu.
Innovative solution in QUL is most safe method for unlocking :

Read out original unlock codes like Simlock, CLCK, NCK, ...

After reading codes you can unlock/lock from keyboard

qul read

Short Tool de******ion:

- unlock, repair and diagnose LG phones with algorithms from 2009/2010
- fast safe UnLock by reading unlock codes - innovative, the only one such solution on the market
- Read/Write NV functions, service commands for diganoses, tests and repairs
- final version will support whole range of LG phones, it will have build-in translator od will allow to flash phones
- continued development based on frequently updates
- reliable performance prooved by Martech Team brand
- QUL works on Clip, Box II Plus and Key, no need to buy any addiotional devices/hardware

You can read more about functions in official thread:
QUL Tools - functions, decription, options, screenshots

qul info