Martech MDM Service Tools V3.0.0.5 - AT Terminal added

MDM introduces AT Terminal - special application to work with at commands on modems.
It's designed for all users who like to play with their modems with various commands.
You can use one time commands or create special macro and run it later.

Once sent to modem you are getting reply in window below.


Available internal commands for macros:

/HexOff - don't show result as Hex.
/HexOn - show result as Hex. (default)
/SpecCharOn - show normal.
/SpecCharOff - replace in result special chars to " " (space). (default)
/EchoOff - don't show command.
/EchoOn - show command. (default)
/StopOnError - stop macro when result is error.
/Clr - clear screen.
To execute command press ctrl+enter.

Example of macro:

/"This is example macro."

/"SpecCharoff example."
/"Command can be send without suffix 'at'."

/"HexOff example."

/"StopOnError example"


AT Terminal is universal, it can be used on all possible devices with modem port.

Enjoy MDM Service Tools smile

Martech Team
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