MDM Service Tools V3.0.0.0 - Free addon build-in
MDM Service Tools V3.0.0.0 - Free addon build-in


New Free Tools build-in:
- ComPort Cleaner in System Tools bookmark.
Application is created for repairing com ports problem on computer system.
You can unistall, disable or enable one by one or many at once by selecting.
Free for all, no need any activations except having Box / Key.


New models supported:
- MF100 from MTS with BD_P671A1V1.0.3B08
- MF110 with version BD_P671A2V1.0.1B04

New functions:
- New GUI for whole application
- Service Commands for modems (disabling/enabling: cdrom, modem, gprs, bands, autoinstall etc)
- Voice function (modem as phone) enabling
- Diagnostic Port on ZTE modems with hidden port enabling
- improved communication, internal bug fixed


Voice Function is used to make phone calls through laptop/pc speaker/mic and huawei modem.
Modem must have build-in voice support in its firmware.

Download it:

Martech Team