commzero new up to 3.460 (super doctor)
********************Commzero Ver3.460 (Wednesday, 23 March 2010)********************
1: Commzero is no longer supported Super Doctor,only support super doctor Ⅱ and super doctor Ⅲ box
2: Qualcomm Auto pinout finder need SuperDoctor3 and box firmware version 1.39 or higher!
New features:
1:[SPD] Enhance the function of ReadInfo! Auto return nor flash configuration and reference format
2:[SPD] New AntiSteal unlock algorithm added
3:[SPD] New Flash device K5L2833ATA/M36LOR7050T supported
4:[SPD] Nor auto format added
5:[Qualcomm] ReadInfo/Backup NV/Simulate Keypad/Unlock/Unlock ******/FileSystem Explorer added

commzero 3.460 and firmware 1.39 download
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