08.03.20010, SagemDD_V9.6 released!

SagemDD_V9.6 released!

Free update for all SagDD users!

What`s new?

-Phone Code Read/Deactive (Added new OMAP and Locosto V2.II );
-New Locosto V2.II recognizing ( No need to open phone to check MCU type!!).

Phone code read supports old Sagem phones.

Phone code deactivate supports OMAP based phones.

my418X; my419X; y429X; my519X; my700L; my700X; Sagem Porsche Design P9521/22;

Phone code deactivate and Locosto V2.II recognizing supports LoCosto based phones.

my421Z; my433X; my521X; VF527; VF533. (Remember, part ot these phones are fully supported, bacause old LoCosto MCU inside).

Phone code read works for OMAP based phone my700Xi.
Phone code deactivate works for Sec. Calypso+ phone my401Z.

To be clear,
Network unlocking OMAP and LoCosto V2.II based Sagem phones is not supported by any tool!

SagDD support continues!