Release notes:

• Added new group TNM - ULC2 based phones
• TNM V1- full support added
• TNM V1 cable added to cables folder
• New patch files added to installer - thanks for all who share FUBU files
• Added auto-send unlock command after patch, so no need to enter any code after patch process
• Some bugs fixed

Patch files added:

• 05A048AB1995D7A6E36D89D4C3B4A5C57ACFB587.r2pf
• 30A63925F82F5EAAC3ED001DCE0B3EFD17A39AF8.r2pf
• 3A9203CC4914E76238AD0BE8019C30438E20334A.r2pf
• 78699D7983742D67BE97B45F34F90CC65E0C2531.r2pf
• 9BA74E97DE5DBA12188DDECFF9340243EDE1D7A0.r2pf
• A87E7F559FF3110E4B1D69D9D71E029A3DD6DF81.r2pf